World Championship MX 2017

 FIM Motocross World Championship, Round 1-Indonesia - Pangkal Pinang - 05 Mar 2017


Because of heavy rain for several days before the World Championship race in Indonesia, we eventually ended up with relatively challenging conditions out on the track.
This also led to the second heat being held on a shorther version of the course, in order to avoid the absolute worst ans sloppiest sections.


FIM, Youthstream and the Indonesian people did a great job despite poor conditions.

Although an unusual amount of time was spent taking selfies with fans and interviews with newspapers and television, it was never difficult to say yes to this.

Everyone we came across were extremely friendly, courteous and just wanted to be able to help with whatever they could contribute. 

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A tough ordeal

The race in Indonesia was a challenge to carry through and required most of what a motocross racer has to give. 

" I will always give you a smile "



Pic cred all : Bavo Swijgers